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The (BBC) Beautiful Bold Curves models are plus sized women who has burst on the Fashion scene in Houson, TX in 2010. These women have broken the old saying "plus sized models can only be print models". They have put the myth to rest by strutting what they were blessed with on the fashion runway sponsored by the RUNWAY Fashion Source.

If you like to join the most beautiful, confident, intelligent, hard working, creative women who are second to none, join us and make the dream you though was out of reach become within your grasp.

Please complete the model spotlight form which allow us to create your modeling profile for this site. **Ask about our packages when we provide you with a total professional modeling portfolio which include; video, photos, website, and more at a reasonable price. These packages are available for current RWFS models and those who are looking to build their portfolio.**

The TU FLI Fashion Revolution made its debut September 19th 2010 in Houston, Texas at the Silver House Theatre. It featured fashion designers Janean Johnson of JoJo Courture, and Ayo Shitto. These models are a wide range of talent and the multicultural experience coming together do what they were born to do..."Represent". This revolution begins where fashion is rooted bringing the freshness and confidence to the fashion industry. There are no limits when it come to this revolution we keep changing the future with the experience everytime we hit the runway.

The TU FLI Fashion Revolution will be having a fashion show on April 23, 2011 see events page for more details.

Lets perpare for the little people because the RUNWAY Fashion Source will be bringing to you the Pre TEENS Growing With Style Fashion Show. Yes models ages 8 - 15 will are welcomed to participate in this event. If you would like your child to join Pre TEENS Growing With Style, contact Ms. Carolyn D. Baker at There are certain requirement for these young models such as written permisson from their parent(s) to participate.

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